Digital Marketing Management

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Descripción de la oferta

High Level Description

Within the digital marketing management you will be looking after a number of tactical as well as strategic initiatives in order to help TELANTO become a present brand in digital and social media and engages with specific target groups such as C-Level Executives, Academic Leaders, Professors as well as with Students.


Key Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Build and executive digital marketing campaigns, including SEM
  • Measure, control and improve the impact of campaigns with a solid understanding of available tools (e.g. Google Analytics, etc.)
  • Build and manage a community of students, enrolled on the TELANTO Academic Business Network with the goal to create awareness for TELANTO with students around the globe
  • Create relevant contents for campaigns, community management and SEM activities


Required & to be developed skills and competencies

  • Digital Marketing Campaign Management
  • Analytical skills for measurement, control and improvements
  • SEM techniques
  • Community Management
  • Content creation (& management)


(Additional) Requirements

  • High level of English (written, spoken), Spanish, German, Chinese are +
  • Visual and communicative
  • Advanced and quick handling of PPT/Keynote, XLS
Detalle de la oferta
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  • Contratación tras las prácticas
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