Digital Marketing Internship

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Descripción de la oferta

To start this new age of travelling in Wandlus we are building a platform that will allow local people from all the cities in the world to share their experiences with travelers.  Our platform is open to anyone that believes that his or her daily live can be an amazing experience for someone travelling from other place, and you as a trainee will make this happen.    


The digital marketing intership at Wandlus:

We are a young start-up built by people that love to travel and consider them self  global nomads. We don’t believe in any barriers so your involvement will be from first day impactful to the organization. No matter if you are an intern or the CEO everyone will be in the meetings and all opinions will be heard.

As a marketing intern, you will start with a project of your own. This project will be the development of an online experience business in one city in Europe. With mentorship from the founders, you will be in charge of understanding the tourism in a city and create a business plan to develop that market. This includes creating online marketing strategies and campaigns to acquire locals and sell experiences.


After the  internship at Wandlus:

After the internship you will have:

Interact with development, finance and intelligence area of the company.

We are a growing company and this is our first round of internships, if you excel you will be considered to join the Wandlus team, continue growing your and new business and have increasingly high responsibilities. 

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